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Jesse Richardson Grantham

Jesse Richardson Grantham was my husband’s 3rd great grandfather.  According to what is inscribed on his tombstone he was born 6 Jan 1834 in Harris, Union County, Georgia.  Many of my husband’s ancestors migrated from the north Georgia area to Texas.  This is also the case for Jesse Grantham.  Union County lies in far north Georgia bordering North Carolina.  Jesse was the youngest son of William M. Grantham (1783-1863) and Susannah Richardson (1800-1873). 

Jesse Richardson Grantham; Photo is courtesy of Tina Nored Kasiske

At the tender age of 17 – Jesse Richardson Grantham married Susan Adeline Parks (1833-1924) on May 11, 1851 in Union County Georgia.  The couple raised a very large family:  Monroe Mathias born in 1852; Hillard Cisero born in 1854; Benjamin Franklin born in 1857; Rufus Marion born in 1859; Ira Foster born in 1861; Alice E. born in 1865; Emma Leticia born in 1867; Ada Elizabeth born in 1871; and Mary Etta born in 1876.  

Jesse Richardson Grantham and wife Susan Adeline Parks - Photo courtesy of Linda Cheesman


By 1870 the family has left their north Georgia home and has relocated to Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas.  Osage County is in the eastern portion of the State near Topeka.  It is unknown to me why the Grantham family moved to Kansas.  Burlingame – which was originally established as Council City – was an important stop on the Santa Fe trail. 

The next thirty years of Jesse Richardson Grantham’s life are a mystery to me.  I cannot find him in any census record until 1900 when he is 66 years old living with wife Susannah in Erath County, Texas.  In every census period he lists himself as a farmer.  Susannah states that she had given birth to nine children and that eight are living.  (Alice E. Grantham died as an infant.) 

 Again, according to his headstone, Jesse Richardson Grantham died 3 Sept, 1903.  Family members say that he died in Stephenville, Erath County, Texas.  He is laid to rest in Live Oak Cemetery, Dublin, Erath County, Texas.


Jesse Richardson Grantham – Live Oak Cemebery; Dublin, Erath County, Texas

*Please note – there are various researchers that have various dates of birth and death for Jesse.  For our purposes – the only source I have are the dates on his headstone.


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Hillard Cisero Grantham

Hillard Cisero Grantham is the great great great grandfather of my son. 

Hillard Cisero Grantham

He was a son of Jesse Richardson Grantham and Susan Adeline Parks born on 17 Sept. 1854 in Union County, Georgia.  Hillard first married Margaret Dickson in Benton, Arkansas on 6 Aug 1876.  This couple had five known sons, including:  George Washington in 1877; Jesse Richard in 1880; Orlando (“Lando”) in 1881; Marion Hilary in 1885; and Ira in 1887.  By 1891 the family had settled in the Oplin, Callahan County, Texas area.  After the death of his wife in 1918, when he is 84 years old, it is believed that Hillard may have married a second time to Martha Alice Windham.  On 2 Jan 1939, at the age of 84, Hillard Grantham died of pneumonia.  He is laid to rest in Tecumseh Cemetery.

Hillard Cisero Grantham – Headstone in Tecumseh Cemetery

 Excerpts of Hillard Cisero Grantham’s life can be found in, I Remember Callahan – History of Callahan County – Written and published by the Callahan County Historical Commission:

H. C. Grantham was born in England.  {This is incorrect.}  He came to Oplin and Tecumseh area with his wife Margaret Dickson from Arkansas in 1891.  He brought his five sons George, Lando, Maron, Jake and Ira.  He acquired several tracts of land in the area making his home place west of Oplin at what is known as the Lowell Johnson place at this time.  H. C. and Margaret were very active in community and church work, attending camp meetings, helping build churches at Oplin and Tecumseh.  Later years he and wife moved back to Arkansas where she passed away.  H. C. returned to Oplin.  The boys names were George W.  He married Buelah Rogers in 1900.  Their children were:  Maggie Bell Ligon who resides in California.  Alvin is deceased.  Avis is deceased.  Annie Lee is deceased.  G.W., Jr. lives in Fredericksberg, J. C. lives in Premont, Texas.  Vira lives in Houston.  Lando Grantham married Maude Windham, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Windham.  They had a daughter, Anna Mae.  Maude passed away during childbirth.  Lando later married Myrtle White.  they had one son, Lando, Jr. who is deceased.  Anna Mae lives in Sacramento, California.  Marion Grantham married Mary Lallier.  They had three children:  Myrtie of California; Joe of Choplin {Joplin}, Missouri; and Elmo is deceased.  Jake married Jane O’shields – both are deceased.  Ira married Ollie Arnold – both are deceased.  H. C. and (Grannie) Windham as she was called, later married and raised their grandchild, Anna Mae.  He moved to Tecumseh where he lead the singing, was Secretary / Treasurer for the church services and Sunday School in the Tecumseh two room school house for many years.  Submitted by Ruby Grantham.  


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