Year in Review

02 Jan

What a whirlwind this holiday season has been!  I’m enjoying my last few hours of freedom – coming off a 17-day vacation – it’s back to work for me tomorrow.

New Year’s is very often a time of reflection for many of us – the contemplation of the year gone by – and the excitement of the new opportunities yet before us.  I remember precisely what I did on New Year’s Eve 2011 – our family history blog was born!  I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning learning Word Press and setting up the blog.  At that time I only knew that I wanted a blog but I had no clear vision of what it would look like and what its purpose would be.  So needless to say, I am stunned that the blog has been viewed by 26,221 people this last year!  We have 57 subscribers that follow the 114 posts that I made.  NOT BAD for the first year!  According to the statistics, the busiest day of the year was May 30th with 358 views. Most of our visitors are genealogist enthusiasts from the United States; however, the United Kingdom and Canada were not far behind.

Here are the posts that received the most views in 2011:

(1)     A Death at Gettysburg

(2)     Growing up in Nurnberg, Germany

(3)     Happy Birthday Texas!

(4)     Henry Curbow – Puzzle Pieces

(5)     Tilman P. Curbow – Civil War Soldier

In addition to launching the blog on Word Press, I was pleased and excited to launch in June of 2011.  While the learning curve has been steep – and the work nonstop – I am very pleased with the end result.  I receive multiple emails each day from family, friends and distant cousins who are each climbing their own family tree.  It has been a pleasure to work with each and every one of you.  I look forward to making more discoveries with you in 2012 – as we continue this fascinating quest together.

Wishing you and your families a blessed, happy, healthy and prosperous NEW YEAR.


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One response to “Year in Review

  1. Galen Gibbons

    January 9, 2012 at 8:35 am

    The black car in the picture is a 1958 Impala Sport Coupe. I have listed the URL to it in the website slot here.


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