16 Sep

I know…I know. I’ve been very quiet on the blogging front lately, and I need to get back into the swing of things!

I have been toiling away at the family history website – and it has consumed most of my free time since its launch in June. This old brain has been busy learning html, css and even a little php. Hard to comprehend but true. I wanted to take just a minute to update you on a few of the new items on the website which you can always access through this blog or directly at

First – I have created an area for “Reports.” You will find the reports under the Information Tab in the top right hand corner of the website. To date I have created reports which list our ancestors that have served in various branches of the military (i.e, Army, Air Force, Navy, etc.); various reports that list the different wars our ancestors have served in (i.e., American Revolution, Civil War, World War II, etc.); and reports listing our ancestors that were born in England and Germany (not yet published). These reports are a work in progress – so don’t panic if you don’t see your particular ancestor on a report – they’ll get there as I work my way through the names!

Question for you: What other lists of information would you find particularly helpful in your research?

Second – I have made a modification to the database which enables it to calculate the age of a person (whether living or deceased). You will see this age calculation on an individual’s profile page.

Third – I have made a modification to the database which will add a child’s birth date and location to the Google event map on the parent’s page. This will help you in tracking family groups and migration patterns.

Fourth – I have made a modification to the database which will enable visitors (you!) to submit headstone photographs where a cemetery location is known but a picture is not in my possession.  Likewise, I have modified the database to allow visitors to upload a photograph or a document to an individual’s profile page. This option will show up on the main toolbar.

Also, for those of you that didn’t know – if you click on PDF in the tool bar, the database will generate  a nice little PDF report on your ancestor, which would be nice to insert into a family history book. 

This is a collaborative family effort.  I welcome your submissions – your corrections and your input.  Let’s make this one of the best family history sites on the internet!

To date the database contains 24,291 individuals, 6,710 family groups, 3,584 unique surnames. I have attached 1,178 pieces of media (with 5,000+ left to reattach….ugh!!). The main surnames that I am researching are: Atwood; Curbow; Geier; Grantham; Ham; Lipsdorf; Montoya and Spencer.

The collateral lines that I am researching or have received information on are: Blankenship; Box; Dickson; Earnshaw; Elmer; Gallegos; Gardner; Havins; Hough; Howard; Kenady; Martin/Martinez; McGuire; Miles; Montgomery; Parks; Raincrow; Rawls; Rogers; Setliff; Stone; West; Zimmerle and MANY more! 

Question for you: Which family names would you be interested in learning more about on this blog?

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