Henry Curbow – Puzzle Pieces

11 Mar

I’ve had several inquires over the last two weeks about Henry Curbow.  I haven’t delved into the details of Henry’s life just yet, but I believe him to be my husband’s gggg-grandfather.  For those of you researching Henry Curbow – here is what I know: 

One of the long-time Curbow family researchers that I’ve been in contact with believes that Henry was one of the sons of John Corbo and Ann Phillips, and I concur.  Born around 1770, Henry Curbow can be found in various census records (see detail below).  Additionally, there are two early marriage records in Richmond County, Georgia for what could be Henry Curbow.    In 1832, Henry was a winner of a parcel of land in Campbell County which he won in the Georgia Cherokee Land Lottery.  Most interestingly, later in his life, Henry can be found in the 1846 tax rolls of Bowie County, Texas, and he appears on the Federal Census Mortality Index as having died in Cass County, Texas in May of 1850.  Cass County is directly south of Bowie County – and in fact Cass County was organized in 1846 out of land from Bowie County.  This connection has piqued my interest.  Bowie County is where I believe Tilman Curbow’s family (my husband’s ggg-grandfather) spent the Civil War years; where Wiseman Curbow lived a good portion of his life; and where Henry B. Curbow, Jr. bought property in 1852.  Wiseman was in Texas by 1850; Henry, Jr. by 1852; and Tilman by the mid-1860s.  Could it be that Henry Curbow, Sr. set out for Texas – and his sons followed? 

Mary Curbow, I believe, is possibly a daughter-in-law of Henry B. Curbow, Sr.  (She could be a wife – but she would have been about 32 years his junior.)  On 17 Sept 1850, just three months after the death of Henry, Sr., an agricultural census was enumerated.  Mary can be found on this census living on an unidentified plot of land in Cass County, Texas.  She owns 3 horses, 6 milk cows and 60 swine.  The value of her livestock is listed at $335.  A few weeks later when the 1850 census was enumerated on the 6th of November, she is still present in Cass County, indexed as “Mary Corbon,” 48 years old, born 1802 in South Carolina.  With her are:  Julia A, age 12, born 1838 in Georgia; Mary A., age 10, born 1840 in Georgia; Genn B., age 8, born 1842 in Georgia; and Saborn F., age 6, born 1844 in Georgia.  Many researchers state that these are the children of Henry Curbow, Sr. – more likely they are his grandchildren.  Wiseman Curbow is one county to the north (Bowie) with his five year old son Tilman David Curbow (named after his Uncle Tilman?)

Some of my further notes include the following:  According to the various census records, Henry Curbow was born sometime around 1770 in North Carolina.  Several of the trees on indicate that he was born in Wadesboro, Anson County.  While the Curbow family of that time did have ties to Anson County, I have seen no documentation linking his birth to that location.  Any folks out there have a source for that?  The following men could possibly be brothers of Henry B. Curbow:  John (1755-1839); Joseph (1755-1850 – revolutionary war soldier); William W. (1757-? – revolutionary war soldier); Samual M. (1764-?); Solomon David (1776-1847); and Hezekiah M. (1780-?). 

In 1790 there is a Henry Carboe living in Edgefield County, South Carolina.  There are seven people in his household – 1 male over 16; 1 male under 16; 5 females and no slaves.

In 1800 there is a Henry Kerbow living in Barnwell, South Carolina.  There are six people in his household – 2 males under 10 (Joseph & Ezekial?); 1 male 10-15 (James?); 1 male 26-44 (Henry); 1 female under 10 (Mahala?); 1 female 16-25 (wife) and no slaves.

In 1809, Henry Curbow can be found in the Tax Rolls (Page 91) of Jackson County, Georgia. 

On 29 Jan 1816, Henry Curbow purchased land in Jackson County, Georgia.  A James Curbow signed the Deed as witness.  I don’t know the family connection – his oldest son?  Brother?   

On 9 May 1817, a Henry Caribo married Elizabeth Mason in Richmond County, Georgia.  Richmond County borders Edgefield County, Georgia.

On 25 Mar 1818, a Henry Caribo married Nelly Stidman/Steadman in Richmond County, Georgia. 

In the 1820 census he is indexed as Henry Curbow – and he is present in Gwinnett County, Georgia.  No detail provided.

In the 1830 census he is indexed as Henry Curbow – and he is present in Campbell County, Georgia.  In his household he has one male under 5 (Tilman?); 1 male 10-15 (Wiseman?); 1 male 60-70; 1 female 20-30 (Lydia?); 1 female 50-60.  (Note:  It is possible that the younger children in the household are his grandchildren.)

In 1832 Henry Curbow was a winner of the Cherokee Land Lottery (No. 20 and No. 307 in District 9).  He won “fractional lots” in Campbell County, Georgia.

By 1846 Henry Curbow is in Texas.  He filed a Claim against the Republic of Texas; however,  the facts and details of that are not yet known.  Additionally, in 1846 he can be found in the tax rolls for Bowie County, Texas.

Henry Curbow, according to the 1850 Mortality Census Schedule, died in May of 1850 at the age of 80 years.  His cause of death was listed as “inflammation of the brain.”  Meningitis?  Encephalitis?  The Schedule confirmed that he was born about 1770 in North Carolina, that he was married; and that he was a farmer.

If the trees on are to be believed – and I urge you to do your own research – then Henry Curbow had his first child in 1790 when he was 20 years old and his last child in 1844 when he was 74.  While this is entirely possible, the younger children, as stated above, are probably his grandchildren – and he was probably married more than once.   

The possible children of Henry Curbow:
James Curbow (Kerba) (1790-1841)
Joseph Anthony Curbow (Kurby or Kirbow) (1790-1841)
Ezekiel W. Curbow (1801-1880)
Mahala Curbow (1806-?)
John Curbow (1810-?)
Lydia Curbow (1813-?)
Henry B. Curbow, Jr. (1817-?) (Postmaster of Paraclifta, Arkansas – bought property in Bowie County)
Wiseman “Wise” Curbow (1817-1887) (Born Jackson County, Georgia – present in Bowie County, Texas with Tilman P. Curbow and family; served with his brother in the Civil War)
Tilman P. Curbow (1821-1900 approx.) (my husband’s ggg-grandfather)
Charles H. Curbow (1825-?)

The possible children or grandchildren of Henry Curbow:
Julia Amanda Curbow (1835-?)
Mary Ann “Polly” Curbow (1840-1921)
Cleburn/Seaburn “Zebe” Gann Curbow (1844-?)

And that is about all I know about Henry Curbow at this time.  I’ve been in touch with folks that are connected to Seaburn Curbow (these descendants spell their name Kerbo); and with descendents of Lydia Curbow.  Please contact me – and let’s brain storm over Henry!





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4 responses to “Henry Curbow – Puzzle Pieces

  1. Myrtie R Strickland

    March 29, 2017 at 9:19 pm

    Thank you for the information about Lydia. I had very little to go on about the Curbows, Kerbows, or Keirbow. I have two different lines associated with the Kerbow family. In what little I knew, I felt that Henry Sr. is her father and Mahala is her sister. My 2nd great grandfather is Lodwick Strickland.
    Two brothers married two sisters. I am gathering all the information that I can find and yours is most helpful.
    Thanks again,
    Myrtie Strickland/Strickland

    • Judy Curbow

      April 2, 2017 at 12:08 pm

      Thanks Myrtie – this generation is fairly silent in the records. Let’s keep in touch as we work through this. I’m still hoping to discover more on Henry Curbow and his family. Best – Judy


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