Elijah Spencer Miller – Update

30 Jan

Just when I had about given up on finding new information on Elijah Spencer Miller and his family — today I stumbled on a family tree on that I had never seen before.  Imagine my shock and surprise when I found two pictures of Elijah that I had never seen.  I have contacted the owner of the tree in hopes that they can shed some light on the life of Elijah and wife Harriet Curbow and wife Rosa Mosby Long.  Elijah looks very young in this first photograph.  I’ll take a stab in the dark and assume that this photograph was taken in Waco while he was married to Harriet Curbow.

Elijah Spencer Miller = Photo is courtesy of James Dudley


Elijah Spencer Miller - Photograph is from the collection of James Dudley

Elijah looks much older in this second photograph and my assumption would be that it was taken in Oklahoma. 

 I am hopeful that I will hear back from the owner of the tree.  It appears that they are descended from Cleo Hazel Miller (the oldest daughter of Rosa Mosby Long and Elijah Spencer Miller). 
Stay tuned for further updates and Elijah and family!
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