Kurt Willy Geier – Opa

01 Jan

Kurt Willy Geier was my grandfather – and sadly – I never knew him.  He was born 11 Dec. 1908 in Legenfeld, Germany.  He was the only son of Johann Heinrich Geier and Anna Lina Kutscher.  On 9 Mar 1930 he married my grandmother, Anna Marta Lipsdorf in Elster, Germany.

Kurt Willy Geier and Marta Anna Lipsdorf – Wedding Photograph

 My Mother tells me that her father was a very serious man.  He stressed learning, studying and education to his children.  He was athletic and played on various soccer teams.  He taught my mother, 5 years old at the time, how to ride a bicycle.  He used to call her his “kleine Radfahrerin“….his little bike rider!  My grandmother regularly made pancakes for the family.  As fast as she could make them my mother was peeling off the edges and eating the yummy crust.  My mother remembers getting in trouble with her father over that quite often! 

Kurt Willy Geier

Kurt Geier was a machinist by trade.  He worked in a factory in Wittenberg, Germany.  His life came to a tragic close on 28 April 1945 at the end of World War II.  During this time – as the American soldiers were liberating the west – the Russian soldiers were advancing into eastern Germany.  The Russians very often retaliated by shooting citizens at random or by seeking out perceived Russian enemies.  My grandfather was a victim of a Russian soldier’s gun. 

I am very much indebted to my Onkel Wolfgang (Geier) for giving me (and transcribing) a copy of the Geier “AhnenPass.”  Because of this gift, we can fairly well document the Geier/Wolf family back to about 1770. 

 For the new year it is my goal to become better familiar with German genealogy research and to begin in earnest with the research of my German family.

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